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Introducing this Site.
These tutorials are designed to get your creative and technical capabilities fired up.   Some of these tutorials look deceptively simple, but they are not.   The "devil is in the detail", and they demand a great deal of thought to get reasonable results.   Each tutorial is designed to teach, encourage and reinforce either creative artistic merits and/or technical ones.   For some of them, you will need to download a Maya scene file to get started, but others are built from scratch. The Maya scene files use simple rigs which enable the student to concentrate on only the things that matter during the animation process.   Do not alter or modify any of the rigs because they are designed to have limits.   These limits should enable you to concentrate on a low number of channels and put more effort into refining your key frames and timing, rather than spreading yourself thinly across a large number of channels and therefore choices .

A bouncing ball is a good place to start
If you can bring just a simple shape alive, then more complex ones should be easy

Please Note
Only use the scene files for their intended use.   If you wish to use them as a basis for extending your own personal work or for any other development then please get my written permission.   You can contact me through the email link below.   In order to maximize Autodesk/ Maya scene file compatibly, I have chosen to publish these files using a 7.0 version of the software which should reach most users who use versions 7.0 through to 2011.   I have included ASCII files in case you need to load into even earlier versions.
You are free to use the MEL scripts as you wish but they remain the intellectual property of Henry Lutman.

A wealth of learning material
A wealth of learning material
We hope you enjoy these   Tutorials for Computer Animators
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